Closing the gap between idea and reality


Android Logo Android is the first open source technology platform for mobile devices. BrainyPro has built in-house capabilities and expertise in developing Android applications. Whether you are considering building a smartphone app that augments your online business or want to create a new business opportunity in this segment and targets the huge Android users, our Android team ,consists of designers, engineers, and testers, can help you to make your Android idea a reality.

BrainyPro’s Android services:
  1. Custom Android Application Development
  2. Android Phone Application Development
  3. Android Tablet Application Development
  4. Android Enterprise Application Development
  5. Scientific android applications for molecules, imaging etc
Android Development Technologies
  1. Android Software Development Kit (SDK)m
  2. OpenGL API
  3. Java / J2ME
  4. Location API
  5. Multimedia API
  6. C++
  7. SQL Lite Database
  8. HTML5

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