Bioinformatics is the application of computer science, math and statistics to the processing of biological data. BrainyPro’s Bioinformatics solutions provide researchers with the necessary tools to effectively analyze and manage vast quantities of genomic data. We mentor, advice, and collaborate with our clients throughout the entire research and development process, from lab automation and data management to analysis and visualization.
BrainyPro is a bioinformatics partner to its clients, demonstrating rapid turnaround on analysis and bioinformatics applications development to keep up with the pace of scientific development. Our clients include Roche, Genentech, Stanford Medical school and many other pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology companies.


Our key Bioinformatics offerings:
Gene Expression Analysis:

Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) studies generate genome wide expression data, which has to be processed and analyzed by careful selection of statistical methods to get statistically and biologically meaningful information.
We analyze gene expression data by using appropriate methods for outlier detection (QC methods), sample pre-processing (transformation and normalization), differential expression analysis and functional classification (Pathways and Gene Ontology analysis).


Data Integration:

The world of pharmaceutical and diagnostic development benefits from the deluge of publicly-available data, both in genomic data sets and in the published literature. Using this data requires expertise in the tools and databases that already exist. Data sources such as PubMed, Genbank®, dbGaP (a database of genetic association study results), dbSNP (a database of DNA sequence variants), and Ensembl form an incredibly powerful, but loosely coupled, framework. We are skilled in making use of such disparate resources and integrating them with our clients’ internal data.


Biomarker Discovery:

Using high volume data such as microarray results and mining them for significant markers for a given disease or condition is a challenging task. Care must be taken to avoid artifacts and to identify the meaningful signal from the noise. We uses tools such as R and Matlab for analyzing biomarker data and uses good engineering techniques to build reusable software to meet our partners’ ongoing needs.


Scientific Work Flow Automation:

Lab workflow
Whether you want to customize the third party LIMS or want to design your own from scratch, BrainyPro can help you. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are typically complex and often require extensive customization. BrainyPro is well equipped to design and develop customized “Information Management System” (IMS) for Health and Research laboratories (LIMS), Pharmaceuticals (LIMS) and Hospitals (HIMS). Our experts will also help you to integrate different laboratory instruments, data sources, and third party applications.


Lab Data Management:

Custom web based applications are developed for Pharma and Biotech lab data management. These applications are available within the company, from that the scientists, chemists and other officials can search, access and update data.


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