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Biostatistics Logo Accurate data analysis is fundamental for a study’s success, and a well-designed and executed statistical analysis plan is essential to the thorough analysis and accurate interpretation of study data. At BrainyPro, we provide sponsors with hands-on support to clinical projects across multiple therapeutic areas.
All our biostatisticians, as well as clinical and statistical SAS® programmers have worked on a broad range of therapeutic areas for several leading biotech companies throughout the Silicon Valley. Our biostatistics team members have an extensive experience in both clinical data management and statistical SAS® programming.

We provide clinical research professionals with:

  1. High quality clinical study analysis
  2. Powerful SAS programming
  3. Customized clinical data management services

Our comprehensive range of biostatistics services covers any clinical trial phase and therapeutic area:

  1. Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)
  2. Sample Size and Power Calculation
  3. Randomization Schedules & Implementation
  4. Statistical CRF and Database Review
  5. Analysis Dataset Programming and Documentation
  6. Tables, Listings and Figures Validation and Quality Control
  7. Ad hoc Statistical Support
  8. Data Integration
  9. Tables, Listings and Figures Programming

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