Big Data Analytics

Big data is more than just mere size; it is an opportunity to bring new insights and unprecedented value to your organization.

BrainyPro’s big data team can help your organization to make better, faster business decisions and bring profound competitive advantage. Analyzing high volume of structured and unstructured data together from multiple sources in real time brings new insights to enable you to answer questions, which were not possible to answer before.

Big Data problem has three main dimensions:

  • Size: High volume Data read/write from multiple sources
  • Speed: It is not just analyzing the big dataset. It is about analyzing massive data within milliseconds to take action in real time.
  • Structure: Data can be structured or unstructured data such as text, sensor data, audio, video, twitter stream, blog streams and more.

Our key offerings

  • Advisory services: Big Data strategy and advisory services.
  • Consulting services: Help you to pick the right mix of big data technologies.
  • Application Development: Streamline the process of developing big data applications.
  • Visualization and Insight Discovery: Discover new meaning from big data. Identify spending behavior of customer, sentiments about product or services, predict next big wave in your business etc.
  • Stream Computing: Continuously analyze massive volumes of streaming data with millisecond response times to take action in real-time.
  • Text Analytics: Analyze textual content to uncover hidden meaning and insight in unstructured information.
  • Information Integration: Integrate, protect, cleanse and deliver final information.
  • Systems Management: Monitor and manage your big data system for secure and optimized performance.

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