Bio Statistics

Accurate data analysis is fundamental for a study’s success, and a well-designed and executed statistical analysis plan is essential to the thorough analysis and accurate interpretation of study data. At BrainyPro, we provide sponsors with hands-on support to clinical projects across multiple therapeutic areas.

All our biostatisticians, as well as clinical and statistical SAS® programmers have worked on a broad range of therapeutic areas for several leading biotech companies throughout the Silicon Valley. Our biostatistics team members have an extensive experience in both clinical data management and statistical SAS® programming.

We provide clinical research professionals with

  • High quality clinical study analysis
  • Powerful SAS programming
  • Customized clinical data management services

Our comprehensive range of biostatistics services covers any clinical trial phase and therapeutic area

  • Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)
  • Sample Size and Power Calculation
  • Randomization Schedules & Implementation
  • Statistical CRF and Database Review
  • Analysis Dataset Programming and Documentation
  • Tables, Listings and Figures Validation and Quality Control
  • Ad hoc Statistical Support
  • Data Integration
  • Tables, Listings and Figures Programming

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