Database Management

Database is a backbone for almost every Web/Mobile or Cloud based application. At BrainyPro, we offer complete database designing, development, integration and management solutions according to the customized needs of our clients.

Our DB team offers DBMS Migration, DBMS Upgrade, High Availability, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, Data Mining, Space Management and Capacity Planning, Extraction Transformation Loading, Disaster Recovery, Stored Procedure Development and Debugging, DBA Automation and more. We have significant experience providing consultancy and implementation services in database technology.

We have experience in

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Hadoop
  • MongoDB
  • MS Access

Our key offerings

  • Database Development – We will create your custom database solution that is optimized for your business. We will help you to select the right database for you as per your need and budget.
  • Remote DBA -Your business has the option to use our capabilities as an extension to your DBA team for after hours support or to completely offload DBA support. Typical capabilities provide for Monitoring, Back-up & Recovery, Fast Response to Run time Events, Security, Regular Reporting, Dev/QA Support, Performance Tuning, Processing Alerts using OWB, Capacity Planning inputs, Store Procedure Debugging, OS Platform monitoring, Patch Upgrades, etc.
  • DBMS Migration – If you wish to migrate your data from another vendor, we have the capability to do that.
  • DBMS Upgrade – From Oracle 9i to 10g etc
  • Mobile Commerce Application Development
  • Performance Tuning – We have experts in SQL who can identify performance blockers and provide inputs to tune your database for better performance.

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