Project Management

BrainyPro’s project Management expertise can get your IT Projects from where you are to where you want to be. Effective project management practices are a key factor in the success of projects and therefore the success of the organization. BrainyPro helps hundreds of global partners to improve project management methodology. Whether you need help with strategy, requirement analysis, project planning or project execution, our Project Management Consulting Services can help through project management solutions, project management planning or online project management. We handle both short-term and long-term consulting projects, and ensure that implementation is a collaborative process, with final methodology and approach designed to make the project a part of your organization’s culture.

At BrainyPro, Project Management Solution covers issues such as security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture, risk management, application requirements and performance – ensuring that all criteria are evaluated in the early planning stages of your project. We help organizations govern and measure IT Investment decisions to improve business processes and performance, and get the highest ROI.

Based on project type, time and budget constraints, and your needs, Our experienced team of Project Management Consultants can help you integrate one of the following proven software development methodologies to manage small, large or geographically distributed projects:

  • Waterfall Software Development
  • Agile Software Development
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Rapid Application Development

Team would customize the selected project methodology to accommodate changes based on your organization’s requirements. The goal of each methodology is the same: to deliver a project successfully, on time, and within budget. Our experience and expertise in project consultancy and execution helps you anticipate and avoid typical problems at each part of your project lifecycle, and work around them

Key Offering

  • Dedicated program management – full-time resources to manage your portfolio of projects.
  • Dedicated project management – full-time on-site resources to manage your large projects or group of smaller projects.
  • Scalable project management – part-time on-site resources to manage projects that don’t require a full-time engagement.
  • Remote project management – Team working from our offices to deliver projects of any size. This service also works extremely well for virtual project teams (global).

Our Project Management Team

  • Extensive PM experience in multiple industry segments and multiple application areas. Our program managers have worked up the ranks so they thoroughly understand the PM processes.
  • Our PM Tools and Methodology is available for use on all projects. This includes detailed processes for status reporting; change management; risk management; quality management; earned value; etc

Why Project Management from BrainyPro?

  • Improve success on projects with exceptional early-warning, project control and tracking.
  • Business-value driven PM – ensuring all project decisions link to the business outcomes you want to achieve (i.e. scope changes enhance business outcomes not detract from them).
  • Reduce risk and cost through effective early warnings and exceptional risk management.
  • Bringing business and technical resources together to deliver on projects that can be easily put into operation within your organization.

At BrainyPro, our aim is to ensure that you are able to align your IT Projects and methodology to your business mission and goals using best business practices for IT.

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